Google Maps Captures Murder, Monsters and Apparitions
Netizens ask whether the Google Earth image shows a suspected murderer trying to hide the body of the victim

Since its inception, the mode of Google Maps Street View has been a source of strange images from all inhabited corners of the planet. However, the sudden appearance of what could be a murder has caused more of a stir on the internet that all the indiscretions that have been captured in the search box.

For days, netizens were investigating whether the image in Google Earth is a suspected murderer, who was trying to hide the body of victim. However, after many musings, the answer was less mysterious and bloody than expected.

The controversial image became viral after arising at the site Reddit, where a user "NCAV" published image with the title of "A murder near my house in Google Maps".

It causes intrigues between virtual communities

The photograph was taken by satellite and is located at coordinates 52.376552, 5.198303, corresponding to a pier in Almere, the Netherlands, and it is an alleged blood trail that leads to a park after what could have been a macabre murder.

The questions were many and assumptions were accumulated until after several image analysis, some users began to take into account the geographical location, time of day, the context of the situation, the spring material and other aspects to conclude that actually it was a picture of two persons who were playing with a dog.

It becomes a source of strange images from all inhabited corners of the planet

According to other Reddit users, "blood stains" are marks on the wood and wet trail left by the dog after leaving the water. With arrows, reviews and comparisons, users indicate that that the pet is thrown while one of the persons that appear in the image is apparently crouching cuddling.

This is not the first time the Google Maps service causes strange conjecture among the online community. Since earlier this year, Fiona Powell, a native of Bristol, published an image of a supposed ghost, which is appreciated the silhouette of a man in the ruins of a house that had been demolished to build an airfield.

Similarly, not only ghosts and the dead are seen by netizens and Jason Cook, a security guard said that he saw something unusual in the satellite images. According to Cook, it was the Loch Ness monster.
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